Pack Committee

The Pack Committee is a gathering of the Cubmaster, Officers, and Den Leaders from the Pack held to discuss upcoming events planning, concerns, announcements, and overall governance.  Parents /Akelas are welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings to provide feedback and " the pack go!"

The Pack Committee takes care of administrative needs for the pack. It is organized and chaired by the Pack Committee Chairperson, Treasurer, and Cubmaster. At the meetings we attempt to:

  • Coordinating the Pack program with that of the charter organization.
  • Plan camping trips dates, locations, activities, food and coordination between those attending.
  • Assist with the annual Pack charter renewal, including all form completion, and collection of dues.
  • Provides encouragement to leaders in carrying out the Pack program, provide ideas and feedback and allow leaders to make announcements.
  • Coordinate the awards presented at the Pack meetings, advancements, and assistance with insignia, and uniform attire.
  • Provides the finances and fundraising coordination for the Pack.
  • Is responsible for Pack property, inventory, and storage of the equipment for all leaders and officers to coordinate usage.
  • Is responsible for the quality of the adult leadership, that the leadership is recruited and trained. This is all adult leadership, including Cubmaster.
  • Responsible for recommending this leadership to the charter organization for final approval.
  • Coordination between the Pack and other scouting units.