2012-01-11 Committee Meeting

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Meeting: 2012 Jan 11 Committee Meeting
Starting at: Wednesday, January 11, 2012 7:00 PM Location: PFUMC
Purpose: Committee meeting/ Plan Pinewood Derby

Pack 409 Committee

(committee@cubpack409.com<mailto:committee@cubpack409.com>) Ty Wheeler
Abe (Quartermaster)

Ernie David K. Amy B. Stacy L. Penny W. Lisa J. Heidi S.

Action Items:


Action Item

Due Date


Abe and Jon (maybe David)

Meet at storage unit at 8 on Friday



Investigating Report to State



Take Charge of Report to State details



Tour Plan for NASA



Webelos I

Do car stands?"


Dens attending Winter Campout" "

bring any available compasses


Financials - turn in any receipts or monies

Rechartering status

- all good as far as we know

Pack supplies update

No supplies needed
- propane tanks are already filled

Report to State

- boys meet and march to capitol
- boys can be nominated to carry flags - usually 15 or so show up
- Greg is in charge

Blue and Gold

- check cut for Amy to reserve location
- need to have a planning meeting
- need a food plan, etc...
- LET'S GO ON SAFARI theme is the plan for table decorations - planning meeting will be at our normal PLC meeting on 2/8

Winter Campout

Numbers Attending: Den 4 - 7
Den 2 - 8
Den 9 - 3

Den 6 - 4
Den 3 - 5
Den 5 - 0
Den 1 - 8
Den 7 - 11
Total: 46 attending

- David sent out health records - all should be bringing them to campout - Tour Plan is approved
- Jon leading Map and Compass loop and pin

NASA update

- Tour Plan needed
- Event on 3/3
- how many going? 53 paid
- 26 adults, remainder kids
- if we have tried multiple times to contact for payment, we will not pay for them. - Leaders going - Jim Webb, Matt Lasater...
- Medical Forms for all

Roars N Snores Update

- brought wrong info - am emailing out to committee and to Greg to post on web

Pinewood Derby

Roles - Sign UP
- 3-4 hours long
- Travis already reserved us for the church
- Weigh In starts at 8am - move to Friday night?
- Do track set up on Friday Night - building a bumper for the end, etc...
- Can do weigh-in on Friday with a track build team and a weigh-in team
- Leave a short window on Saturday to (not announced)
- Weigh in window on Friday from 6pm - 8pm but there is a window
- List of responsibilities - Laptop and bracket software, 2 weigh in, 2 bracket keeper, 2 pit masters, tables and chairs set up, boy scout recruiter, tape off areas, M/C, food purchaser, 2/hr refreshment sales, put up banner, trophies, medals, car stands, A/V
- Trophies and Medals at Blue and Gold

Food Drive

- Alejandra passed out fliers to attending Dens
- Please distribute to the boys and pass out to neighbors on 1/18 - Food is to be collected after 10am on 1/21

Upcoming Dates
1/18 Flyer Drop off
1/21 Food Collection 1/13-1/15 Winter Campout 1/28 Pinewood Derby

2/4 Report to State
2/25 Blue/Gold Banquet