2012-12-07 Committee Meeting

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  • Heidi Schlichting
  • David Kerbow
  • Ty Wheeler
  • Stacy Lasater
  • Amy Birdett
  • Jon Kruger
  • Lisa Jost
  • Ernie Jost
  • Penny Webb

Action items:


Action Item

Due Date


Den Leaders

enter in awards

noon on 12/9


call KofC for line up slot in Christmas parade



contact Abe about trailer



Penny or Amy

get flag or banner from upstairs for parade



- email to pack about parade
- RSVP yes or no
- scouts bring own cup for hot chocolate

- each scout bring own Christmas hats or personal items
-meet at 3:30 to decorate; 4:30 to walk

- wear Class A uniform with long shirts



Looking into portable power sources for parade lights


Call Jon when you find out about lights


Get Hot Chocolate from Quartermaster or purchase more; make for Parade



Will get Parade Decorations



get in touch with Abe - (home) 694-2455 about picking up trailer and jugs for Hot Chocolate



Action Item

Due Date



Call Enchanted Rock about Winter Campout



set planning meetings for Winter Campout and Blue/ Gold

Winter Campout 12/21 at 7pm; Blue/Gold planning in January


Investigate registering for Report to State


Financials - turn in any receipts or monies to Prameela checks to turn in - Prameela non here
- Jon turning in receipts to Stacy
- Stacy has rechartering check to give to Shea


- reports will be run on Fri at noon -- ENTER THEM IN PACKMASTER BEFORE THEN!

Verify Rosters

Den 3 at 8 Den 5 at 9 All is good

Pack supplies update - anything needed? nothing needed

Rechartering Status

Tim needs to sign a few apps and we will be complete to turn in to Shea Mackin

Bake sale/ Nov Pack meeting - follow up
rants and raves
- final earnings were $500

- lower than usual
- 2 troops of families at campouts
- end of season tourneys
- night UT game
- Take Away: what else are we competing with on that particular date? - sold all but 11 hot dogs
- fire sale at end cleared off table
- silent auction might be good to draw awareness of the bake sale
- begin advertising Sept/Oct

Christmas Parade on Dec 10 - see attached

have never heard back from them - we don't know our parade number - - should we call to get our position #
- Abe Cabello has a trailer - can Alejandra ask?
- 1.3 miles long

- Pack to meet at flag pole at Parkcrest at 3:30 to decorate; 4:30 to walk - need lighting - have folks bring flashlights
- how are we getting younger kids back?
- Flag or Banner? Should be upstairs in storage

- adults need to be in trailer - not just kids alone
- what are we going to use to decorate?
- Hot Chocolate - need to have ready for end of walk - have kids bring their own cup

Winter Campout

anyone able to call Enchanted Rock? - Jon can call
- only parent/scout
- how many normally go?

- last year it rained
- if Enchanted Rock won't work, what is 2nd option? (Jim Hogg, Tejas, camp near Salado, Apache Pass, Grainger....)
- Jon sent email out if Enchanted Rock won't work
- need a planning meeting - 1/21? Jon will try to get room at PFUMC.
- Pack: Breakfast, Dinner, Breakfast
- Den: Sat Lunch
- Fee: TBD

Report to State

- February 4
- all den leaders head up their dens
- Stacy though registration happened on 1/5 or 1/6 - most scouts participate
- need to investigate more info on registration

Scouting for Food *****no update*****

Blue/Gold Banquet

- spot reserved
- 3-8pm - have to be out by 8pm, cleaned up and all - at Immanuel again
- bring food, tablecloths, set up, clean up
- use church table and chairs
- need a planning meeting
- bring enough for your family, plus...
- someone made a big extra batch of spaghetti

- rank achievements?
- 2 1/2 hours for programming
- can hand out Derby medals
- Idea: Jon can read awards and den leaders can hand out to dens separately - Idea liked - good compromise
- set planning meeting for sometime in January
- sound system?

NASA update

- need final payments at next week's pack meeting
- $50 for adults and $45 for kids
- all going should already have $25 deposit in by now - last heard 11 spots left
- who is keeping roster?
- flexible to get money to den leader by end of year

Roars N Snores Update

4/27 - event date ****table for January****

Follow up on fundraisers

Upcoming Dates

12/7 Pack Committee Meeting
12/8 Roundtable Meeting
12/9 Final popcorn money due
12/10 Christmas Parade
12/14 December Pack Meeting
1/18, 1/21 Scouting For Food important dates 1/14 Winter Campout

1/28 Pinewood Derby 2/4 Report To State 2/25 Blue/Gold Banquet

New business:
Discuss Pinewood Derby in January Committee Meeting

- need to discuss change in format (David Kerbow)


- any consideration to only price shirts at one or two prices? (Travis) *******TABLED TO JANUARY*********

6 kids without Bobcats

- need to enter into Packmaster ASAP!

Peace Light

- Lisa will have from Pack that meets at Point of Grace - if any dens want to "get", let Lisa know

Spring Recruiting

- schools are contacting about recruiting for Tigers
- no summertime activity award for Tigers until they finish rank
- would be great if our pack was smaller, but not needed to get new scouts for us

Journey to Excellence Award
The pack earned the Gold Journey to Excellence -2275 points
- we can go buy our own patches - patch says "Journey to Excellence" sleeve patch