Committee Meeting 11-09-2011

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Attendance: Penny Webb, Ernie Jost, Travis Hildebrand, David Kerbow, Lisa Jost, Heidi Schlichting, Stacy Lasater, Alejandra Lopez, Jon Kruger, Greg Jewett, Albert Lopez

Action items: Financials

Owner Item Date Due Completed
Stacy Reset Jonʼs Password in Packmaster ASAP
Stacy Give Ernie Access to Packmaster ASAP DONE
All Den Leaders Submit this monthʼs rank advancement awards via Packmaster (including Polar Bear Awards) ASAP
Ernie Verify Tiger Partners and get names onlinefor rechartering 11/10/11 DONE
Jon Send out email about bake sale 11/10/11 DONE
Lisa Get Bake Sale Flyer toJon 11/10/11
Stacy, Jon and Penny figure out access tosound system for bakesale - does Pennyʼs key work for cabinet? before 11/19
Lisa Get 70 hot dogs,tortillas, Ketchup,mustard and foil strips for bake sale before 11/19
Prameela Get ones and quarters in cash with cash box for bake sale before 11/19
Ernie Set up for participationin Christmas Parade ASAP
David Pull list of streets from Packmaster and determine the neighborhoods represented by Pack forFood Drive in January Dec Committee Meeting
Stacy Deliver all monies received at Committee meeting to Prameela fordeposit 11/10/11 DONE

Rechartering Family Campout monies

  • turned in to Stacy - Prameela not here


  • when are they due? Due ASAP - bobcats only
  • Put awards in pack master
  • Polar bear patches are in pack master under awards - can enter it individually

Verify Rosters

  • Are larger dens okay? Update on Wolf dens
  • Den 5 is at 9 and den 3 is at 8
  • 10 is upper limit - if we get three or more, need to split into three dens
  • currently 63 boys in pack

Pack supplies update - anything needed?

  • nothing needed after Campout

Finish rechartering

  • Turn in money to Prameela Status of Recharter
  • list is pretty close
  • Jon can get signature from charter rep
  • all money should be collected
  • Stacy will be attending the Roundtable - can turn in forms
  • important for all names to be online-need akelas for each tiger to be in records

Bake sale/ Nov Pack meeting - 1 or 2 meetings?

Discussion Had - some points made during discussion:

  • have tried to have 1 mtg for all - didn't work. People left and didn't raise much money.
  • not good to get people to donate and bring
  • like idea of silent auction and collect bids
  • silent auction not good
  • time to have second meeting is in Jan - Pinewood derby is its own draw
  • if awards are given in December, then if folks are worried about receiving awards encourage them to attend in December
  • Rank advancements only in Nov
  • Pack meeting is one week earlier in December to minimize interference withChristmas break

Bake sale motion made and seconded: 1 meeting in November with advancementawards only given out and any regular awards given in December at regular pack meeting (12/14 at 7pm)

Bake sale details

  • Advertising Soliciting for donations of baked goods Roles (set up, clean up, manning tables) Getting cash Selling food? Selling shirts?
  • Alejandra: Have tons of hot cocoa - can we sell it?
  • Lisa to get Bake Sale flyer to Jon on Thursday
  • Bring items ready to sell, individually bagged, etc...
  • items for auctions
  • Jon has already sent out draft email a few weeks ago to committee - will send out to allof pack tomorrow
  • Heidi is bringing Cinnamon Rolls! :)
  • Jon will assign roles as needed in email
  • Den 4 may be light in attendance - will need help with clean up
  • Cubmaster is auctioneer
  • who knows how to set up sound system? - Greg can if we have a key - Penny has akey if it works
  • if selling food, where are we getting them from?
  • how much food? Approx. 70 hot dogs
  • hot dogs, tortillas, tin foil sheets, ketchup, mustard-Options on keeping track of what is bought:
  • have someone write down who won and how much, and if paid or not.
  • people open a tab - some system to keep track of what is bought
  • use a list app that can sync - Our Groceries will sync - another is Cozi
  • put "post-bid items" on table outside of room until claimed. Have it manned.
  • -yes sell shirts - they are here upstairs.
  • -sell leftover popcorn at bake sale also

Christmas Parade on Dec 10 - interested?

  • we do get a good interest
  • trailer?
  • everyone walking?
  • Webbs trailer not avail -normally 20-40 show up-Ernie to sign up pack for event

Winter Campout

***Tabled to December meeting

NASA update

  • how many slots left?-Travis: suggests checking out google forms for future sign ups- people can type their own stuff - good solution for future campouts
  • 43 out of 60 taken
  • can reduce open spots in early January
  • Q: can two parents of scout go?
    • A: not encouraged by NASA. Pack doesn't care, but NASA does and has rules in place to discourage it.

Roars N Snores Update

*****Tabled to December meeting

Follow up on fundraisers (popcorn, trailer sponsorship)

  • -on fundraiser for Pack Cash - how long until its available
  • Available once money is in bank; ready to make deposit
  • Greg has master list of money received
  • Greg doing popcorn pickup on Friday 11/11/11

Upcoming Dates

  • 11/10 Roundtable - rechartering due
  • 11/11 popcorn pickup orders
  • 11/19 bake sale/ pack meeting
  • 12/7 Pack Committee Meeting
  • 12/8 Roundtable Meeting
  • 12/9 Final popcorn money du
  • 12/10 Christmas Parade
  • 12/14 December Pack Meeting

New business:

Review of Family Campout (10-28-30 at Camp Dickson)

  • Pro: great experience at the camp
  • Pro: lots of room
  • Con: hard for people to find
  • Pro: boys had a blast with service project - cleared brush to make a new campsite andremove a barbed wire fence
  • Pro: burn ban was lifted, so fire was good
  • Pro: den providing food worked really well
  • Pro and Con: below freezing the first night
  • Pro: definite place to return to
  • Pro: agenda of weekend was a lot of fun
  • Con: did not do astronomy Belt loop
  • Con: lake was empty
  • Suggestion: instead of pack providing dessert, each den brings a dessert for contest orto socialize
  • Con: hard for families with boys in two different dens or levels
  • Pro and Con: they were all spread out
  • Con: not wheelchair accessible
  • Pro: did allow to drive to campsite
  • Suggestion: wait about a year to go again
  • Pro: FREE!!!!


  • any consideration to only price shirts at one or two prices?
  • *****Tabled to December meeting

Report to State

  • -February 4
  • all den leaders head up their dens
  • *****Tabled to December meeting

2/26 Blue and Gold

  • *****Tabled to December meeting

Scouting for Food

Getting together with Souper Bowl of Caring

  1. Organize our own drive (can set a date and boys deliver to homes and pick up a few days later)
  2. Every scout brings 5 cans to Report To State
  • -scout gives Goodwill
  • -takes place in February
  • -boys can take tour of Food Bank
  • -Jan 28 is pinewood derby
  • -collect food the previous weekend 1/21
  • -put out flyers before that (Wed before) 1/18
  • -very flexible on Date - flyers don't specify date -schools pushing it this month
  • -have boys knock on doors without food out -divide up neighborhoods
  • Motion made and seconded: dates are good - put into calendar 1/18: hand out flyers inneighborhood; 1/21 collect food/ 1/28: scouts bring food to Pinewood Derby

Pack Cash Updated online

  • 7 scouts with over $600 in sales
  • we did really well in popcorn- online