Pack Committee Meeting 1/17/2011

Present:  Lisa Jost, Travis Hildebrand, Matt Lasater, Amy Birdett, David Kerbow, Greg Jewett, Melanie Fischer, Prameela

Treasurer and Financials
Melanie is handing over the reins to Prameela.  
Melanie recommends that we switch our banks that we have our Pack Funds at because of the continuing problems of fee charges which should not be present for a non-profit organization.  Roughly $4600 in the bank.

Granger Lake Campout
No changes, other than the weather related problems.

No splitting of of Dens needed.  Den 4 are working in two different patrols.   Bear Den is not splitting either, they had one drop out and made it manageable.

Report to State
February 5th, 2011.  Travis will work to get us registered.  They are asking for 5 cans of food per scout to be brought for the food bank.

Pack Meeting
Derby Races.
No applying graffite and other lubicants indoors.  It makes a big mess that is very hard to clean-up.
As in previous years, the results are 3 of the top finishers from each rank will go to District.
We can serve Hot Dogs, Sausage Wraps, Popcorn, and Bug Juice. Prameela will provide the popcorn making machine for the pack meeting.
Melanie, Prameela, and Alex will coordinate the popcorn supplies.
Travis will handle the the brackets and computer.
David Kerbow will help at the weigh-in.
Greg and Travis will bring and setup the track.
Matt will M.C.