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Those present were Lisa Jost, David Kerbow, Alex Lopez, Amy Birdett, Jon Krueger, Greg Jewett, Penny Webb, and Ty  Wheeler.


DISTRICT ROUND TABLE – Will be June 9 at 7pm at the First Baptist Church on the southwest corner of Pecan Street and South 10th Street. All adults are encouraged to come. See map at:


TWILIGHT CAMP – June 13 - June 17 at NE Metro Park.


AWARDS  Due June 18 to Penny Webb or 670-7463. (Stacy will be out-of-Town.) David Kerbow made a motion that we purchase Packmaster online, Jon Krueger seconded motion and it passed. We will have Stacy order.


COMMITTEE PLANNING MEETING – June 18 at Travis Hildebrand’s home at 328 Comanche Circle
785-7890.  We will plan next year’s schedule including the July Pack meeting Hot dogs in the Park. Jon will set up new theme’s at next committee meeting and we will have the meetings on the 1st Wednesday.


PACK MEETING – June 22, 2011. Den 2 – Song, Den 3 – Set-up and Clean-up, Den 4 – Flags, Den 5 – Show and Tell, Den 6 – Skit, Den 7 – Activity. T-SHIRTS – Penny will bring them to the Pack Meeting.  Alex will bring the words for the Announcement Song.


TREASURER  On vacation.


ROSTERS – Den Leaders please ensure that your email lists are up to date for both your den and the pack’s email list.


ROARS AND SNORES – Lisa will try to set it up for 3/24 and 3/25 and will also look into the Witte Museum.




BELT LOOP FAIR – report tabled.


PARTY – We need a date for last year’s 5 booth popcorn sellers.


SUMMER TIME ACTIVITY AWARD – Is earned by attending 3 summer activities. (Pack meetings, camp, Belt Loop Fair, Council Camp, or Dell Diamond) Den meetings do not count.


OPEN POSITIONS FOR NEXT YEAR – We still need a Quarter Master with access to a truck and storage room.


HOTDOGS IN THE PARK – Will be July 9. Jim and Penny secure the cement tables in Pfluger Park. Den 2 – Cherries, Den 3 – Sprinkles, Den 4 – Strawberry Topping, Den 5 – Caramel, Den 6 – Chocolate, Den 7 – Whip Cream. Wear class B T-shirts. Ty will see if he can get new rain gutters donated for Rain Gutter Regatta and Ice Cream Sundays.  Jon will bring Foam core and duct tape. Alex will bring Aluminum foil, Dixie cups, and spoons. We will send someone to buy the ice cream. We will work on Basketball Belt Loop need leaders to run it and bring supplies.




Respectfully Submitted, Penny Webb Secretary