Pack Committee Meeting 1/17/2011

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Present:  Lisa Jost, Travis Hildebrand, Matt Lasater, Amy Birdett, David Kerbow, Greg Jewett, Melanie Fischer, Prameela, Alejandra (Alex) Lopez.

Treasurer and Financials
Melanie is handing over the reins to Prameela.  
Melanie recommends that we switch our banks that we have our Pack Funds at because of the continuing problems of fee charges which should not be present for a non-profit organization.  Roughly $4600 in the bank.

Granger Lake Campout
No changes, other than the weather related problems.

Den Size and Leader Availability
No splitting of of Dens needed.  Den 4 are working in two different patrols.   Bear Den is not splitting either, they had one drop out and made it manageable.

Report to State
February 5th, 2011.  Travis will work to get us registered.  They are asking for 5 cans of food per scout to be brought for the food bank.

Pack Meeting
Derby Races.
No applying graffite and other lubicants indoors.  It makes a big mess that is very hard to clean-up.
As in previous years, the results are 3 of the top finishers from each rank will go to District.
We can serve Hot Dogs, Sausage Wraps, Popcorn, and Bug Juice. Prameela will provide the popcorn making machine for the pack meeting.
Melanie, Prameela, and Alex will coordinate the popcorn supplies.
Travis will handle the the brackets and computer.
David Kerbow will help at the weigh-in.
Greg and Travis will bring and setup the track.
Matt will M.C.

Blue and Gold Planning
February 12th @ 5pm, last about 2 1/2 hours.
Lots of locations discussed, many require fees and costs to use the space.  Can not afford this.
We are going to continue to look into doing this at the church, and maybe a couple of the high schools in Pflugerville.
Dinner to be served, menu TBD.
Planning on roughly 250 people to attend, this should be a safe bet.
POTLUCK.   Family invited, each family will be required to bring a main and side dish that is enough to feed their family as a price of admission.
Melanie will donate the cake again.
All Dens need to bring their table decorations.  
THEME: Space: The Funtier!
Greg Jewett and Matt:  The program, matt to help print it, greg to help design.

Chic-fil-a Spirit Night
Monday, February 7th
Need to have jars, and the pack will receive 10% of all receipts collected that night between 5-8pm.
Need scouts and leaders in uniform to help man a table.

Scouting for Food
Must be done by February 15th.
We need to customize our door hangers and blanket a neighborhood.  Need to determine the date we will go around and pick up the food.

The meeting minutes are embedded in red in the agenda below.
- Please feel free to correct me if I mis-typed or mis-understood the results of the meeting.

Attended: Matt Lasater, Travis Hildebrand, Melanie Fischer, Prameela Ray, Amy Birdett, Greg Jewett,  David Kerbow, Alejandra Lopez, Lisa Jost


Pack Meeting - 1/29/2010 (Saturday) - Den Assignments (Matt/Penny?)
  • Dens 3/5 - Setup
  • Dens 2/4 - Cleanup
  • Den 6 - Flags

Financials - Current status - (Melanie Fischer)
  • Turn in receipts as needed
  • Introduction of new Treasurer (Stacy will invite  Prameela Ray)
  • A new bank account will be opened by Prameela Ray this week.
  • Melanie will get a cashier's check to Prameela Ray on Friday.
  • We had about $1400 in the bank but also got a popcorn check for $1200+ and $300ish in other funds.  David Kerbow has about $200 in change from the food last week that will also come back to the Pack. Giving us roughly $3,100ish in the bank.  :)  
Awards - Due when? (Stacy Lasater)
  • There will not be awards this month at the Pinewood Derby meeting.  Save them for next month where we will do RANK awards only.
Rosters - Den leaders - Ensure your new cubs are on your mailing list.
  •   This is the only way they get info from Pack409 e-mail.  We rely on those lists being up-to-date.
Granger Lake Campout Review - What could be better?
  • Weather was a problem.  
  • Another suggestion to do the "special trip" instead of the Winter campout due to the likelihood of inclement weather.  This was the original plan, but the Battleship Texas wasn't available in January.  This is more of a note for next year's winter campout.
Pack Supplies - update  (What do we have/need?)
  • Alejandra will look at what is left after this campout.
Split Dens - Bears & Webelos I - How are we doing?
  • - Bears have lost a member and are down to 9.  7 of them routinely show up.  Looks good.
  • - Webelos I have split into two patrols.  It's working for them.
Open Positions - Cub Master, Assistant Cub Master, Committee Chair
  • New Potential Cub Master will attend next month's committee meeting.  Still need a Committee Chair replacement.
Pinewood Derby Meeting on Saturday 1/29/2011
  • Set up Agenda 8am Weigh-in, 10am start Races
  • 4 Boy Scouts will come help to earn hours of service starting at 8am.
  • Stacy will get another 35 medals for participation to go along with the 25 left-overs from last year.  She will also work on trophies or car stands for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
  • Alejandra Lopez will acquire Hot Dogs, Sausage wraps, bug juice, and popcorn to sell at the Pinewood Derby.  Prameela Ray has a popcorn machine we can borrow to make the popcorn.
  • Assignments for E-mail to Pack - Travis will send it out. - Note  will include a request to have parents help sell food, and notice about an "Open" bracket for webelos II (now in boy scouts), parents, siblings, etc. - Also, a note to not apply graphite inside the church.  Please do that outside.
  • Assignments for Weigh-in - We'll use the same official scale- (David Kerbow, Matt Lasater)
  • Assignments for setting up track - Travis will help Greg get the track from his house to the church starting at 7:30am on 1/29/2011
  • Assignments for setting projector & race setup - Travis will use the same software as year's past to run the brackets.
  • Assignments for setting MC- Matt Lasater
  • Assignments for setting track starter - TBD on day of race.

Blue-n-Gold Crossover on Saturday, 2/12/2011 at 5pm - Theme is "Space: The Final FunTier"  (spelling intentional)
This is the last year for Space Shuttle Flights.  The last of 5 start in February!
    • Each Den will make their own table decorations in the them of Space...  (shuttles, rockets, etc.)
    • This will be a Rank Advancement awards ceremony only.  No belt loops and minor awards due to length.
    • Several people are working on a location for the cross-over.  Alejandra will ask about Chisholm Point.
    • Melanie will ask about Pflugerville Middle School and 1 other place?
    • Amy will check with Dessau MS, and Emanuel Luthern Church.
    • Prameela Ray will check with the Windermere Event Center
    • We need space for 250 people.  We had 220 last year.
    • This will be a potluck event.  Each family will bring a main dish and a side dish.  The amount of food should be enough to at least feed the number of people in your family (that you are bringing - including grandparents or friends if they aren't bringing their own dishes).  Mark your serving utensils and dishes with masking tape and a name!
    • Melanie Fischer will bake another awesome cake like she did last year.  Mmmmm. Yummy!
    • Alejandra Lopez (Quarter Master) will provide the cups, bug juice, plates, utensils, salt/pepper, and napkins.
    • Matt will invite other dignitaries when the program is set (District people, mayor, sponsors, etc.)
    • Chris Austen has the bridge for the cross-over.  He will bring that (by this assignment)
    • Greg and Matt will do the Program with help from Chris Austen for the "biographies" of the Den 1 scouts.  Greg has the paper.  Matt has the printer and ink.  Greg will design the Programs with input from Matt, Chris, and Travis.
    • Greg will bring a projector (if the destination doesn't have one.)
    • Matt/Travis will arrange for a sound system (if the destination doesn't have one.)
Boy-Scouts reserved?
    • Matt has a request to OA, and has some Troop 214 members coming.  
    • Melanie will ask Bill to get some people from Troop 4277.
    • Den 1 will have a 7 minute video to show - (Travis)
    • Find "Lessons Learned" from last year. (Don't put juice at a choke point.)
    • What is the budget for this????
Upcoming Dates:
  • 1/29/2011 - Pinewood Derby
  • 2/5/2011 - Report to State - Greg will E-mail Travis a link so Travis can sign up Pack 409. - Each Scout is to bring 5 cans of food for the food bank to march in the parade.
  • 2/7/2011  - Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night ( Stacy - will send out e-mail to Pack 409 - 10% of receipts goes to the Pack.  We should have uniformed scouts asking people to put their receipts in the Pack 409 bucket.)
  • 2/10/2011 - District Round Table (7pm)
  • 2/12/2011 - Blue-n-Gold
  • 2/21/2011 - 7pm Committee Meeting
  • 3/5/2011  - District Pinewood Derby
  • 2/15/2011 - Scouting for Food - Door-hangers and pick up of food due by Feb 15. - Matt will coordinate with Pack 409.