Committee Meeting Minutes 2014-07-02

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PACK 409 Meeting Minutes

Date:   July 2, 2014                                                                                                                                   

Time:    7:00PM – 8:30PM

Location:  PFUMC Family Life Center

 Next Pack Meeting (Hot Dogs in the Park): Saturday, July 12, 10:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m. in Pfluger Park


·      Roland has the rain gutters for the regatta

·      Someone will bring 5 gallon buckets from the FLC attic

·      Roland will bring Pack propane grill

·      Will need a volunteer to go early and claim picnic table space at Pfluger Park

·      Will need volunteers for belt loop activity

·      Will need a volunteer to grill the hot dogs

·      Will need a volunteer to get the ice cream

·      Alejandra volunteered to get the groceries

·      Alejandra will email the Pack to find a volunteer to be MC for the Raingutter Regatta and will remind the Pack of date/time of HDIP

·      The belt loop activity will be soccer; does anyone have scrimmage jerseys we could borrow?

·      Shopping list: 2 large watermelons (with seeds), 1 big jar of sauerkraut, 100 hot dogs + buns, 4 bags of chips, mix for bug juice. Onion?

·      We have plenty of condiments—use up ones in FUMC FLC fridge first. We also have plenty of paper products on hand in trailer and in FLC attic.

·      Ice cream will be provided, dens can bring the toppings

·      We need people to bring tables

·      And coolers are needed to keep the watermelon on ice

Den Responsibilities?

Each den is responsible for helping with clean up

 Awards due? Only rank would be given out during HDIP. The Twilight Camp Awards will be during the August Pack Meeting.

Water Rockets- Saturday, August 23rd, 8:00 a.m.- noon, Hill Country Bible Church

·      Will need a portable air compressor or generator for Rockets. Den leaders, please ask parents if anyone has one we can borrow.

·      Alejandra suggested overhead launchers if people are interested in building them.


P7 Report from Jon: Limo was late and pool locked when arrived, but great time had by all.

- Food consumed (by 16 scouts + parents): 8 pizzas, 3.5 lbs grapes, ½ bag carrots, 36 cookies + 1 package of Oreos, 2- 2 liter bottles of soda

-       could have used 2 more bottles of soda

-       Total expenses: $117.65 for food, $40 for limo tip

 Paypal: Ron has readers and has tested them

 More readers will be ordered. The basic plan is:

Ron will create login credentials for each user. Michelle will check out the readers to parents when they pick up popcorn for Show & Sell. Parents will need to download the app for iPhone or Android and attach the reader. Return the reader to Michelle with the unsold popcorn.

Promotion: flyers? promo movie + testimonials?

Michelle and Greg are creating a promotional movie. When will it be shown?

 Prizes:  Touched upon at June meeting, but a decision was not reached…

-       We could do prizes ourselves, through Council, or not at all

-       What would we do with the extra 4% commission? Give as Pack Cash?

 Consensus was to do prizes ourselves (most likely give gift cards) and take the 35% commission

 2014-2015 Budget

·      The budget was approved

·      Ron will start using the monthly sheets Jon created

·      Small adjustments along the way should cut the deficit. Perhaps have campouts at free sites/increase dues/increase campout fees


·       Ben will email the Pack to get a preliminary headcount and wants to give parents an idea of cost.

·      The Pack will subsidize the cost for Scouts but parents will pay a fee and the fee will depend on the adult-child ratio

NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday, August 6, 2014



Action Item Tracking for Pack 409 Committee Meetings



Start Date:


Email pack to find MC for Regatta and remind Pack of date and time for HDIP


Den Leaders

Ask dens to bring favorite ice cream toppings


Den Leaders

Ask dens if anyone has a portable generator or air compressor the Pack can borrow for Water Rockets in August



Ask Greg re: using Scoutbook to track parents’ volunteer hours



Take inventory of Pack t-shirts in FLC attic



Email Pack with info about NASA trip and cost and ask how many plan to attend