Pack Training Compliance

A cornerstone of the Boy Scout programs is training. There are many opportunities available to youth at various levels to further develop. Some of these trainings will be conducted in your unit; others are available for you to work on by yourself.

All certifications, pack training compliance records are maintained by the Council and the "MyScouting" and pack section of ScoutBook.  If you are a parent or leader within Pack 409 and would like access to your training compliance records, you can request a ScoutBook account from the Pack Advancement Chair or Webmaster (see left).
Training Explanations

Youth Protection Training
The Youth Protection Training is a course on the policies and procedures of the Boy Scouts of America that are in place to help protect its members from child abuse in all of its forms.  The Blackland Prairie District along with BSA Central Council require that all adults and leaders take this course before they are allowed participate in the scouting program.  This course must be retaken every to years.  Adults and Leaders include any parent, or guardian who will be involved with the scouts, coming to Den or Pack meetings, campouts, and go-see-its.

New Leader Specific training
This required course goes into greater detail about a specific leadership position. It will cover topics and information that is specific to the job. This course is also administered at the district level, and leaders can attend any district’s course.

Fast Start training
This required course covers the basics of the Scouting program.  The initial training course required for you to complete so that you may understand the fundamentals of the Cub Scouting program.

This Is Scouting
"This Is Scouting" provides an overview of the Scouting organization, including history, values, programs, Youth Protection, community involvement, and training. The module consists of six video sections, each followed by a brief quiz. Completion is noted automatically in the BSA training records database if the module is experienced online. Estimated time to complete: 50 minutes.

New Akelas and Scout Leaders
Go to the site and create a login.  Once you have a login, all the training that you complete is logged and recorded and can be recalled.

Please complete the Youth Protection Training.   You are more than welcome to complete additional training found on the site if you have time, however, YPT is the only one required right now.  It is located on the left-hand side of the screen, under "Training", then "E-Learning".  The training does not take very long - 30 minutes tops (that includes logging in and go to the website).

Current Akelas and Scout Leaders
If you have already completed the training with in the last two years, then you need only to log into the site and view the certificate.  To view certificates, visit:

Once completed, you can do one of the following, then let us know which method you have used.   You can send the results to the Pack Committee Mailing list (
  • Print out the certificate and bring a paper copy to the next scout function.
  • Print it out, and take a picture of the certificate with your smartphone or camera, email the picture.
  • Make a screen-shot on your computer of the displayed certificate and email the picture.