Popcorn Season has started!

posted May 15, 2011, 7:26 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Sep 15, 2011, 8:14 PM ]
The popcorn season has begun!  Our cubmaster will provide information about incentives, rewards, goal setting, and getting the pack revved up for the season.  Popcorn is the number one fund raiser for our Pack, bringing in thousands of dollars that the pack uses to charter our pack, pay for camping trips, special scouting trips, pack supplies, derby cars, awards, and more.

You can help by helping your scout sell popcorn in whatever methods are most comfortable for them, at a table at a store (Show and Sell Phase); walking door to door (Take Order Phase); or selling popcorn online (customer place order and product is delivered to them by trails-end).

Work with your scout and have them come up with a sales goal, something from them to strive for and work hard and do their best at achieving.  Have incentives within your family and encourage Den leaders to set goals for Dens and have awards at their level as well.

More information will be posted on the Popcorn Kernel Corner soon.