2011 Pflugerville Christmas Parade

posted Dec 8, 2011, 2:02 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Dec 12, 2011, 3:15 PM ]
People have been asking, and I'm sorry that the details are so late in coming.

YES, Pack 409 is going to be in the parade this year. Please carefully read below (lots of info).

If you would like to be in the parade:

  • We will be meeting at Park Crest Middle School (NW corner of Railroad and Pfennig), at the Flag Pole.
  • We must be assembled in our parade slot by 4:30.
  • We are meeting at 3:30 to decorate the truck and trailer. Den Leader Ty is procuring lights for the trailer. If you have festive decorations to bring, feel free.
  • Parade starts at 5:30.
  • We are planning on having hot chocolate for the boys to drink. Each participant needs to bring their own mug if they want some.
  • Tigers MUST be accompanied by an adult. BSA rules.
  • If you've a festive hat to wear, please do! (especially if it will cover the ears!)
  • You know your scout best, but temps are to be around 50 at the time of parade. If possible, please wear warm attire (long sleeves, etc) under their Class A Uniform.

The price of admission is one can of food. But you can bring more if desired.

At the end of the parade, we will wait for the parade to be over, and drive back north to Brookhollow elementary, pulling into the smaller north driveway. That will give us a somewhat sheltered place to keep scouts until parents can meet us for pickup.

The parade route is south on Railroad to Main street, West on Main, and then about 4th street turn right again, and the right on Walnut or Willbarger. If you wish to meet us there to get your son, that works also.

Yes, parents can walk in the parade, too.

If you wish to bring candy to throw along the parade route, do! But know: You must be walking beside the "float" to throw candy. Riders are not allowed to throw candy, City of Pflugerville parade rules.

Please, please, please, when you get your son, let the person with the list of participating scouts (me?) know, so that we can make sure every scout makes it home.

Thanks, and I hope you can make it Saturday. Again, sorry for the short notice. It has been an incredibly hectic year (including house flooding) for some of our committee.