Camp Cards

posted Mar 13, 2012, 5:59 PM by Unknown user   [ updated May 7, 2012, 7:07 AM ]
The council has a fund raiser going on called camp cards, designed to be a way for scouts to earn their way to scout camp.

They sell for $5 each, and for each card sold the scout gets half in Pack administered "camp cash", which is pack cash for our pack. From a pack cash perspective, this is a much easier way to raise money than popcorn sales.

Attached are front/back photos of the cards. They have 3 snap-off one-time use coupons, and then a reusable center.

This is a BSA approved fund raiser, so scouts can sell them in uniform. But there isn't supposed to be any store front selling.

This is entirely voluntary. Contact me if you'd like some cards.

In addition to the commission, if a scout sells 10 cards, he can be entered into a drawing for a free week of camp. If he sells 100, he earns free day camp on top of his commission. $120, he can trade day camp for a week of overnight camp. 1000 cards, an XBOX 360 or a PSP.

I'll talk about it at the pack meeting a bit, but otherwise this is likely the last you'll hear about it if you don't want to participate. Unless I forgot something in this email, that all should know. But I never do that.

Sales dates: now through May 1. Drawings are weekly, so the sooner you enter the better your chance to win.

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