Fall Family Campout

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Preparation, Hints, Tips, & Tricks:

The pack is providing breakfast on both days, and dinner on Saturday. Each den is responsible for 
their food for Friday evening and Saturday lunch.  Dens will also provide cobbler fixins. The 
menu is posted at the end of this message.

Plan for the weather.
  It will likely be very cool in the evenings & mornings.  Wear long sleeved clothes and bring your Fall sleeping bags.  Bring a canteen (or other water bottle.)  Even though the weather is cooler, we will still dehydrate.  Drink lots and lots and lots of water.

If you have a Texas State Park Pass, please bring and use it to gain free access for ALL ADULTS in the car for FREE!  This will help save the pack $$$.   Helpful hint, stop before entering the park and stuff the car with the pass with adults!

  Only two cars will be allowed per campsite.  Extra cars will be charged $6/night fee.  This is a first-come, first-served event. When we have 26 cars, the rest need to pay.

Adults entering the park:  If someone from the committee is not in the park office when you arrive, please pay the $5/adults to enter the park.  Get a receipt.  Bring the receipt to Travis Hildebrand or Matt Lasater to be reimbursed for your entrance fee.

Campfire marshmallows:  If you want to roast marshmallows, bring a roasting stick.  The pack is providing the marshmallows.

Duty Roster:  A duty roster will be created and posted at the campsite.

Wood: Feel free to bring a small amount of wood to help with the campfires.

Cancellation Policy:  If you are unable to attend for some reason, you can either transfer your fee to your replacement (1 for 1) or consider your fee a donation to Pack 409.  We regret that we will be unable to process refunds.

Accounting and Transparency
For complete transparency, we want everyone to know where the money comes from and goes to and why certain decisions were made.

There are 110 people (55 adults, 55 kids) signed up for the camp out. Each person has paid $10.  110 people * $10 = $1,100.  We need 13 campsites for two nights.   Each campsite costs $20/night for a total of $520.  We have rented 12 sites for Friday and 10 for Saturday night so far.  We are working on getting more, but the campsite is full at the moment.  We continue to check daily.  In addition to the campsites, there are adult entry fees of $5/person/day.  For 55 adults, that comes to a total of $550.

Income of $1,110, minus Park Expense of $1,070 and Food Estimate of $300, leaves a net cost to the pack of $270 of fun.


Directions are as follows: From Austin: Take HWY 71 West to HWY 290. Hwy 290 to Hwy 281. Hwy 281 to P Park Rd 4. Turn left on Park Rd 4 for 12 miles. Or Hwy 183 to Hwy 29. Hwy 29 to Burnet. From Burnet take Hwy 29 West for 9 miles. Turn left on Park Road 4, go 3 miles to Park Headquarters. >From San Antonio: Take Hwy 281 North to Park Rd. 4. Turn Left on park road 4 for 12 miles until you reach the park. Trailer recommended to take 29 west for 9 miles from Burnet to Park Rd. South 3 miles to Park Headquarters. STOPPING ALONG PARK ROAD 4 IS PROHIBITED DUE TO SAFETY CONCERNS.

Pack 409 Fall Family Campout
Cubscouts and Family from each Den that are registered and paid up for the camp out.

Den 1(0)

Den 2 (25)
  1. Andrew B. (4)
  2. Reece C. (5)
  3. Mason O. (2)
  4. Ross L. (5)
  5. Lucas F. (2)
  6. Devon J. (2)
  7. Michael S. (2)
  8. Taylor N. (3)
All staying Friday - Sunday.
Den 3 (11)
  1. Eron J. (2)
  2. Xander B. (3)
  3. Connor H. (2)
  4. Henry L. (2)
  5. Tobias, C. (2)
Den 4 (34)
  1. Evan J. (1)
  2. Randy H. (4)
  3. Patrick W. (7)
  4. Jacob L. (4)
  5. Patrick L. (4)
  6. Wyatt C. (4)
  7. Case L. (4)
  8. Dax H. (4)
  9. Maury B. (2)
Den 6 (13)
  1. Zack T. (3)
  2. Itsvan A. (2)
  3. Connor M. (3)
  4. Krishanu R. (2)
  5. Lopez Family (3)
Den 7 (26) 
  1. John David K. (4)
  2. Zane W. (2)
  3. Andrew T. (5)
  4. Joshua K. (5)
  5. Zivley (2)
  6. Michael Y. (4)
  7. Daniel D. (4)
Total Scouts and Akelas coming to the Camp out: 109 out of 112.

Campout Information

Fall Family Campout
Inks Lake State Park
October 15-17
Friday — Sunday
Wake - 9:30am Breakfast
9:30am Flags Den 7
10:00am Service Project
10:30am Sports (Kickball/Ultimate-Frisbee)
Noon Lunch (Den provided)
1:00pm Hike
2:00pm Sports (Kickball/Ultimate-Frisbee)
3:30pm Den Time
5:00pm Start Cooking Dinner
6:00pm Eat Dinner
8:00pm Campfire (Each Den needs a skit and song)
9:00pm Astronomy

Wake - 9:00am Breakfast
9:00am Church Service by Jim Webb with Matt being song leader
9:30am Pack up and Go Home
Clean-up, Leave No Trace 
Each family’s responsibility

Pancakes and Sausage
w/Tang, Hot Chocolate, and Coffee
Each Den provides their own.
Taco Soup or Vegetable Soup w/Frito Chips
Bug Juice.

Den provided a Dutch oven cobbler for pack.
Den 2, Den 4 and Den 7 will bring 2 each.
Pack will have marshmallows for roasting.

Breakfast Pancakes, w/Fruit and Bug Juice, Hot Chocolate, and Coffee

Duty Roster

Webelos Food Preparation and Cooking
Tigers Serving 
Webelos Clean-up
Bears Food Preparation and Cooking
Wolves Serving 
Bears Clean-up

Bears Food Preparation and Cooking
Wolves Serving 
Webelos Clean-up