July Pack Meeting - Hot Dogs in the Park

posted Jun 20, 2011, 6:18 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 28, 2011, 8:03 PM ]
The July Pack Meeting will be our annual "Hot Dogs in the Park" meeting.  This is purely a summer fun pack meeting.   Scout are encouraged to bring outdoor multi-person games to play (frisbee, football, tag, bocce ball, and many other games).  The Pack Leadership is also hoping to be able to organize an activity centered on earning a belt loop.

Rain Gutter Regatta
The pack will hold a build-your-own and race your own rain-gutter regatta at the pack meeting.  The pack will provide the basic supplies that the scouts will use to build a boat.  The seas are only 10-foot lengths of raingutter filled with water, and the ships a mere 6 inches long, and the winds but a gust of hot air from the captain; and yet the race is a very exciting event. Each boy builds his own boat with supervision and help from parents or other family members.
Hot Dogs in the Park
The pack will provide hot dogs to grill (or similar, depending upon the state of the burn ban) and most of the fixings.  Sides will include watermelon and chips. And as always, bug juice!

Rain Gutter Ice Cream Sundaes

What to do with two opposing lengths of soggy rain gutter? Join forces and fill them with ice cream!! And Caramel!! And Chocolate Syrup!! And ... Scouts will build there own rain-gutter sundaes and eat them. And eat them. And eat them. And then go home with their parents. :)