Pinewood Derby Results

posted Jan 30, 2011, 2:29 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 23, 2011, 10:43 AM ]

Scouts Proceeding to District Races


  1. Luke J.
  2. Cameron T.
  3. Chance J.
  1. Seth J.
  2. Devon J.
  3. Lucas F.
  1. Andrew T.
  2. Conner M.
  3. Daniel D.
  1. Case L.
  2. Randy H.
  3. Patrick W.

Pinewood Derby - Results

The second number was the car number followed by the rank of the scout (t=tiger, w=wolf, b=bear, x=Webelos1)
 1 14w Andrew T 
 2 20b Seth J 
 3 15x Case L 
 4 13t Luke J 
 5 45w Conner M 
 5 28b Devon J 
 7 19x Randy H 
 7 11x Patrick W 
 9 32w Daniel D 
 9 37w Zach Z 
 9 23b Lucas F 
 9 46w Zack T 
13 05t Cameron T 
13 21w Sam C 
13 02w John David K.
13 42w Josh K
17 33t Chance J 
17 38t Eron J 
17 04b Andrew B 
17 12t Ryan B 
17 31x Jacob L 
17 25x Jacob C 
17 36w Krishanu R 
17 47w William L 
25 17t Henry L 
25 06t Nathan G 
25 24x Maury B 
25 34b Ross L 
25 16x Sean T 
25 41t Xander B 
25 49x Patrick L
25 10w Logan C
33 27x Evan J 
33 43w Ryan C 
33 30w Michael Y 
33 40t Kolby C 
33 03x Ian J 
33 22t Conner H 
33 48b Trevor E 
33 07t Will J 
33 35w Tracy W 
33 26t Michael W 
33 44b Michael S 
33 39b Mason O 
33 01t DJ Savage 
We had a great pinewood derby yesterday and I want to thank everyone for a successful event.

Special thanks to those that helped pull off this event including our Quartermaster (Alejandra Lopez), our Packmaster (Matt Lasater),  our new Treasurer (Prameela Ray) for handling the money and bringing the popcorn machine, Awards Chair (Stacy Lasater), and Greg Jewett for storing the track for the past year and coming year.  More thanks go to the parents and scouts that worked concessions and helped setup/cleanup for the race.    We brought in just under $200 for the Pack during the event!  

Lastly, I would like to apologize for at least one mis-click as I worked the bracket software.  One scout was marked as losing a race he actually won.  :(  Next year, we will take a note to have two people run the bracket software for a double-check of each winner.

If you have any suggestions on how this event could be improved, please e-mail me directly at