2013 Report to State Parade!

posted Jan 22, 2013, 7:18 PM by Unknown user   [ updated Feb 24, 2013, 7:20 AM ]

Join us for the 103rd anniversary celebration of the Scouting movement at the 64th annual Boy Scout Parade and Report to the State of Texas.

February 2, 2013 at 8:00am.

The Report to State Parade is coming up soon!  I have participated in the parade since my oldest son has been in scouts -- and each time -- we have a great time.  

This parade is for ALL scouts (Tigers through Webelos) and allows the scouts to march in a real parade from Congress bridge up to the capitol!  Just like in real parade, the Austin Police will have the streets blocked off with their motorbikes and cars -- usually with the lights on.  All types of celebrities (chief of police, firemen, eagle scouts, news reporters, and many more) are always on hand to shake scout hands, get pictures taken with them, etc..  You never know who will show up to encourage the scouts and tell them how proud they are of them they are responsible and smart individuals.

n the past, some of our scouts have been asked to march with the flag brigade.   We will have our pack flag, banner, and ribbon pole to hold high and proud through the parade.  As we march past the announcement  deck (at 7th and Congress Avenue), our pack will be announced and we all  get to hoop and holler and salute the central council and some other high-ranking scout and city officials.


FOOD DROP at 220 South Congress


Due to traffic concerns from City of Austin officials, we have had to move the Report to State's food donation drop-off location to 220 South Congress. This is near a storefront for a furniture store, near Barton Springs Road:

Also, all donations will have to be carried by hand to the collection truck at this location. You will not be able to drive a vehicle/trailer to the collection truck for drop off. If your food donation is too large to carry by hand, please take it directly to the Capital Area Food Bank at 8201 South Congress.


City of Austin officials also ask all Report to State participants to be mindful of where they park. Please note that unlike in past years, the city now charges for street parking on Saturdays.

The best bet is to plan ahead. CLICK HERE for the locations of parking garages downtown. Do not park in the Bouldin neighborhood south of Barton Springs and Riverside; your vehicle will likely be towed.
The entire parade from the very first people in line to the very last people in line is 3 hours.   We never are really ever there that long.

At the end of the parade, the scouts are welcome to visit the Texas Capitol and check out the inside (rotunda) and the outside grounds.  

Please make sure that you have eaten breakfast or come with snacks and water or hot beverage of your choice for you to have from the staging area through the march up Congress.
Please check the weather and temperature before you head out!   Please dress in layers that can be shed as you will warm up as your march.

You will need to find parking and then walk to the staging area (Congress Street Bridge).  You might want to consider drive time and park and walk time in your estimates of when you need to leave so that you arrive in time for the parade to begin.  

The council is selling patches ($10/ea) and neckerchiefs ($18/ea) as souvenirs that the scouts are welcome to wear proudly during the parade.     The neckerchiefs have the patch attached to the neckerchief on the flap that folds down and is displayed on the back of the neckerchief when worn.

I need to get a head count of those who would like to participate in the parade.  I also need to know if you want a souvenir (the must be pre-ordered).

Please send me an email letting me know if you would like to join me in the parade!  Please let me know how many are coming and if you want any souvenirs.  All family are welcome to join!  We ask that everyone dress nicely for the parade.